Lebanon ski resorts,
 beach  resorts, active night life,
 restaurants and world class hotels,
 makes Lebanon an ideal location for
 holidays and tourism all year round.
 Richin historical ruins, archaeology
 and religious places.
 Lebanon has the best ski resorts
 in the Middle East. Snow covered
 mountains in the winter offer skiing
 facilities, first class hotels and
 restaurants, and various
 accommodations makes these
 mountains a favorite destination
 for locals and tourists all year round.
 Beach resorts dot the coastline of
 Lebanon on the Mediterranean sea,
 offering a variety of water sports and
 activities. Sandy beaches, rocky
 beaches, fresh spring water in the
 sea, provide a wide choice for beach
 lovers and sun seekers.
 Lebanon is unique in many aspects,
 unlike any other country in the
 Middle East.
 Its rich cultural mix with 6,000
 years of history, one of the oldest
 continuously inhabited countries
 of the world, influence of various
 civilizations and religions that passed
 through its history, makes Lebanon
 a land of contrast and diversity.

  Lebanon's nature is very beautiful, where mountains slope to meet the Mediterranean sea
 forming amazing scenery.
 In the West lies the beautiful Bekaa valley. Dotted with small rivers and abundant fresh water
 springs, giving Lebanon it's greenery and rich nature.

 The people of Lebanon are warm, friendly and hospitable, very generous and enjoy living life to
 the full.

 Sports activities, partying, night life, shopping centers displaying goods from around the world,
 restaurants, hotels, anything you can think of, you can find in Lebanon.

 The Lebanese people might have different views on many issues, but one thing they all agree on,
 the importance of night life and partying as an essential part of their life styles, making the night
 city life quite an experience in Lebanon.

 The Lebanese cuisine is very rich and varied. You can also find countless restaurants
 serving cuisines from around the world.

 There is so much to see and do in such a small country, that visitors are amazed at the life style,
 fun, contrast, and beauty of Lebanon and its people.

 All visitors to Lebanon fall into one of two categories: They definitely want to come again,
 or they want to stay and live in Lebanon.


Flag Of The Lebanese Republic

Al Nashid Al Watani

The Pigeon rocks along the coast.
     (Beirut, Rosheh)
View of Beirut from the airplane.

Industry: banking, food processing, jewelry, cement, textiles.

citrus, vegetables, apple, potatoes, olives, sheep, goats.

Downtown, ( Beirut )   Baalbak

paper, paper products, foodstuffs, textiles, textile products, jewelry, metals
and others.

Hotel in Beirut. Lebanon Beach.

 Area: 10,425 sq km (4,015 sq mi)

 Population: 4,070,000

 Capital: Beirut 1,826,000

 Religion: Muslim, Christian

 Language: Arabic, French, English

 Literacy: 86%

 Life expectancy: 71 years

 GDP per capita: ,400.

Lebanon Pictures posted by jadwafaa
     photos modified onSun Nov 16 2003.


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